1. Using Facebook's own system against themselves (Skill level: 2/10) (People have to be kind of dumb, or add anyone on Facebook)

2. Using a game in disguise (Skill level: 3/10) (If you do it right, you can get even the biggest nerds)

3. Using a fake page (Skill level: 7/10) (Very hard for your average noob)
1. So, lets be honest, Facebook has some pretty good security. Surprisingly, Facebook isn't that smart when you get down too it.
You can easily get into an account of someones if you know what your doing. Sadly this only works with people who add everyone. Its
good for hacking people's online Facebook that add everyone. Lets get started.

Step 1: Either add the person and make two extra Facebook accounts or make three Facebook accounts with valid emails
Tip: If your hacking a boy, make the two/three accounts girl names, and vice versa

Step 2: Deck out the two/three Facebook pages (Get hot photos of the opposite *** of the person and make them the profile picture)

Step 3: Get all three accounts added to the slave's profile. Either 2 fake and your Facebook, or all three fake ones

Step 4: Obtain the slave's email. Sometimes it is on their profile, or you can ask a friend. You can also ask them to mail you something

Step 5: Go to and click "I Forgot my password" (Make sure you are not logged in)

Step 6: Type the slave's email in the top box

Step 7: Click "No Longer have access too these?" In the bottom left corner

Step 8: Put in your email as the new email choice

Step 9: This is the tricky part. Sometimes it will ask you for a security question, and sometimes it will ask you to verify three friends.
If it asks you for a security question, this persons account is too secure too recover it this way. If it tells you something like "We're sorry
you're having trouble recovering your email address. Unfortunately, this means we can't verify who you are or give you access to the Facebook
account you're trying to log into. We may hide the information on your Facebook account if we detect that you cannot regain access to it.",
you also cannot recover it this way. Please try the next method
2. This is the one I use too scare my friends. It isn't hard too use, but you can only use it once per day from your IP.

1. Make sure you have a valid email. You will need it for more than one thing.

2. Visit
Windows Password Recovery Tool and look at the box at the bottom of the page.

3. Enter your VALID email in that box, and click the button too the right of it.

4. It will come up with a page of the benefits of being a member. Go through that page, and I believe the link too continue is on the top right of the
page, but you may have to do a little exploring of your own.

5. Go too your email, and verify it. I am almost positive you have too verify it.

6. Go back to where you registered, and in that box put your email in again. It will bring up a link.

7. If the person is not too smart, go too for your domain. If the person is smart, go too

8. Either one you go too, you will be asked to register, pick a name, put in the address that you saw at the bottom of that page after you logged in,
and on CO.CC you get one more option. You will see something called "Domain Masking" or "Domain forward with Masking" or something like that. Using
that will hide the webpage, making it harder too detect.

9. Give that .tk or link to a friend. Tell them you just found a new awesome ________________________ (Game, website, video, whatever)

10. They go to it, and it has a screen with a percentage. When that screen gets too %100 it will say done. They will ask you why it just said done, you tell them you don't know and will figure it out later. Boom. Check your email. You have every saved on that browser. If you didn't know, a saved password happens when you see that nice popup "Remember this password". This will not work on people that use Google Chrome's Anonymous feature, or people that clear Cookies, Passwords, Cache, and all that practically every 10 seconds.
3. None of that seem too work for you? Try making a fake page. This is NOT my area of experience, and I have only done it once. In this case,
Google becomes your best friend. If you look up "Fake Facebook page" on Google, that's where you could find bunches about this. If the thread gains popularity, I might put a tutorial on here, but not for now. Usually doing this requires a web server, knowledge of bundles of code, and a smart person. This is not something the average hacker would take the time too do, but it can really help. If you get one that looks professional with a link, your already in business..
Nothing Lasts Forever.