What will i learn in this tutorial?
How to correctly create a torrent that is destined for success.
How to make sure you get the most downloads possible.
And how to make the process much easier and more efficient.
Plus some great tips and tricks that you have not have seen in other tutorials.


This is not something that you will automatically have success with overnight. It takes some practice to get these things down to a science. At first it may seem overwhelming, and things happen that you can only learn from over time and experience. Which can be frustrating, but i am giving you all of the best tips to be successful in torrent spreading to make it easier for you. Hope you enjoy.

If you already know how to create torrents and how to use them then skip over this section. Still some useful information in here though.


Crypting and binding:
Make sure your server is 100% FUD run/scan.THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT BASIC STEP
When binding, make sure to make the server as the post install command.Most binders do this already when included with crypters, or made for hacking purposes.
If using iExpress, dont bind to anything over 80 megs. It wont execute correctly.
Always bind to the setup, not any other files that you include in the .rar. And if the setup is over 80 megs and you are using iExpress, i suggest trying a different program.

Creating a good torrent:
Use a popular program.
All torrent users want to find cracked programs, but DO NOT include the words "Cracked","Leaked","Keygen", or anything of that nature in your torrent name. Those torrents always get checked out first by site moderators, and for the most part, they are good. Especially the mods on #.org. Even if your server is FUD.
Use this list of trackers i am providing you with when you create the torrent. Also feel free to add your own.
Trackers:Spoiler (Click to View)

Make your torrent in .rar format and add extra files that look like legit components to the setup. But place the setup in plain sight as well as a "readme.txt" that explains how to run the setup. I have provided you with an example.

Uploading and seeding

Ok, heres where things start to need more attention to detail. It is a 3 day process, and requires some patience. After you get better at this method, you can throw multiple torrents up and manage them every 3 days, but be sure to keep them all on the same schedule to keep things organized.
Getting good accounts:
At the beginning of the 3 day cycle, go create an account at http://www.#.org. This is the hardest site to get accounts for, and ironically, the best site to get downloads. If you create an account, and then 3 hours later post a program, your torrent will last maybe 4 hours if your lucky. Even if its FUD. So its easy to create the account early, and have the torrent up for longer.
Look for accounts here on HF. If you see a TPB account being sold, buy it up as fast as possible. But always to make sure to take correct precautions when dealing with anyone on the internet. Anything with uploads and older than 2 weeks old is a great account spreading on TPB. Anything extra will just help even more.
Torrent spreading leads to more torrent accounts. Always run a stealer through your new victims to get as many accounts as possible. DDoser 4.1 is great for this since it has one built in. Dont cry if you lose some victims, because the accounts will lead to much more, and your servers are still fresh.
Having a good account on Demonoid and IPtorrents is great. The U/D ratio actually means alot to the users. So try to find the best accounts for those 2 sites.

You need some other seeds besides your connection before starting the 3 day cycle of uploading.
Go buy a seedbox or ask a couple friends to help you seed for a day or so. I would recommend a seedbox because they are relatively cheap, and make a HUGE difference in the beginning. This is also very important.
As soon as you have a good way of getting a few initial seeds, the rest is the order in which you upload to sites. Which i will also be helping you with.

Uploading 3 day schedule
Day 1:
Upload to these following sites.And if you can on some of them, spam them every couple hours to get maximum exposure. Like on btjunkie.org.

Dont get impatient, it will take a little bit to get seeds. But the more seeds you get, the more people will download your torrent on the next set of sites.

Day 2:
Now on to the next set of sites.These will guarantee some good seeds if you advertise your torrent correctly.

Only post on these sites until 24 hours after you posted on the day 1 sites.

Day 3:
And finally the big 3 sites. Here is where it all comes together and you get to see your torrent flourish.

Then just watch them and see how they do. I will also post some useful tips for each site.

Uploading tips for the big sites
Make sure to add a picture and product description in the torrent posting.
Act like you the part of a commonly known uploading crew to the site.
Upload at around 4 a.m central US time. This makes sure that most of the mods are asleep, and your torrent will be farther down the list and the mods wont check it in the morning, because it doesnt look to be very malicious with lots of seeds, a commonly known uploading crew in the name, doesnt advertise a cracked program, and hopefully your using a good account. Your torrent could live for up to 1-2 weeks depending on the circumstances.

Get the best accounts you can find. Or at least good ones until you get better at using this method.
Make sure to add a picture and product description in the torrent posting.
The mods at demonoid have never taken down my torrents until something got reported. Which will happen depending on how many downloads you get. Best thing to do is make sure its FUD for demonoid. TPB and IPtorrents is all about taking advantage of how much volume they have to sort though.
Always add the "Uploaded at demonoid.com.txt" into the torrent.
Some people have claimed to have done this and still have their torrent denied. You first create the .rar with all the files inside one folder aded to it, and let it compress. Then you drag the demonoid.txt file into it so it doesnt go into the original folder. The mods cant see the .txt file if its in the folder. It will only show 1 folder contained. Heres how it should look.

Find a decent account to post with.
Make sure to add a picture and product description in the torrent posting.
And again,upload at around 4 a.m central US time. This makes sure that most of the mods are asleep and your torrent will do better.

Closing comments

This does take some self discipline and practice to get right, but it is very much worth the time to learn. I have seen way too many people asking how to spread via torrents lately so i though it would be a good idea to contribute this back to the community. If i have forgotten some things, i will add them in later. If this helped you, please let me know, thats why i posted it.