Once again, it's time for some new tutorials. This time, I've decided that instead of uploading each and every one, one at a time, I'd rather upload them all into one .rar file! This would save me a lot of time and you (if you want to download them all!)

So what this basically contains is all the tutorials from:
- PaRaNo1D's "How-To" Tutorial Collection - PDF (Noob friendly)
- [v2] PaRaNo1D's "How-To" Tutorial Collection v2 - PDF (Noob friendly) [v2]
+ 8 New Tutorials!

Here's the list of the containing Tutorials:
- How To Change Your Folders Background
- How To Crack A Router For Username And Password
- How To Deface With Tamper Data
- How To Get Passes To Pornsites
- How To Get Past Your School Blocking System Without Programs
- How To Hack Into A Computer On LAN
- How To Hack Passwords Using USB Drive
- How To Hack Someone With His IP Address
- How To Hack WEP wifi Passwords
- How To Hide Files In A jpg
- How To Make A Phisher For A Website
- How To Make Moilla Firefox 30 Times Faster
- How To Shutdown A Computer With A Cell Phone
- How To Sniff Password With Cain And Abel
- How To Use Your First Web Exploit
- How To Crack A WEP Encryped Wireless Network On Windows Vista
- How To Get IP's Through The Steam Client
- How To Get Unlimited Time In Internet Café's
- How To Grab IP Address With PHP
- How To Kick Everyone From A Counter Strike Source Server
- How To Kick Someone Of A Wireless Network
- How To Make Your Name Stay In The Task Bar
- How To Use A Trial Program Forever Without Activation
- How To Use Cain & Abel To Get Local Passwords
- How To Close Ports
- How To Crack WEP In Linux
- How To "Deface" A Guestbook With HTML-Injection
- How To Chat With Friends Through CMD (Netsend)
- How To Rename Your Recycle Bin
- How To Make A Folder Lock Without Any Software
- How To Reveal Asterisk Passwords Using Javascript
- How To Hack An Administrator Account With A Guest Account

NOTE: All the Tutorials are in .PDF format! You need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them!

And now for the most important thing; The download links:

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