Okay guys, a lot of u guys has for sure infected some victims with keyloggers, rats etc. and like me im sure that you would like to get the control of these valuable steam accounts.

So what i normally do is tracking ALLL their data:
Email user and password (the email that the steam account is verified with) even it isnt verified do it anyways.
Steam user and password
if possible steam cd-key / credit card that was used to buy steam games with.

When this is done you go to the email and change everything like:
additional email
delete all mails ( atleast what have with steam to do)
country ( for less chance of recovery)

then you will have to go to the steam account and change email as the first thing ( always change email before password)
and change the email to something u know that nobody in the world got as a email like hughnsasksakaklooopp@rocketmail.com (just so it stays unverified) If you want to verifiy it with your own mail or a fake and do that several times with same mail you will make the same mistake like me, i just lost for about 500$ steam accounts., by doing that fail. If one of the steam accounts you stole gets repported and he verify that it is him that is the real owner, steam is capable to see how many steam accounts the email user got and then all of your accounts will be deactivated and thats what we not want to happen !
If you really want to keep the account just follow the victim in a week(if you got time ofc), If victim makes a thread to steam just make sure to login on with his account and delete the thread .. and afterwards right to steam that you have gotten your account back.
Well now you can change password and secret on the account, remember that you dont have to verify your account since no one got your new password ..

Btw. there is no way that you can keep your stolen account 100%,
but this is how you might be lucky and keep it, have fun

* didnt know if i should post this in the steam section or tut section so i posted both places, if any admin get pissed, please pm or delete one of the posts thank you.
hack your victims steam account safe click here: http://www.hackforums.net/showthread.php?tid=301369

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