Beast is a Trojan Maker. Turn off all Anti-Virus, While in Use. Lets Start from the Top Left to the Bottom right. The Host is the Person your connecting to. The Port is the Open Hole or Backdoor to the computer which you will Use to View and Control their Computer. The Password is the password you set to acess the Port. The Go-Beast Button is basically the Connect Button which connects your Computer to the Computer with the Server. The Next Port Button is for SIN (A different and Easier BackDoor). The Start Listening Button is The same as the Go-Beast Button except it Connects to the SIN port. The Build Server Button is Basically to Make a Program that Opens that Backdoor you need. When the Build Server Button is Clicked a New Window will appear. The Window Will Provide different options for your Server. The First Option Button on the Left is the Basic Button. The Basic Button will provide options for the Basic's of your Server. Starting on the Left the SIN Port is the Port or Backdoor you want Opened. Reverse Connection is Basically saying you want to Use the SIN Method which I Recommend because its lots Easier. The other Method (Right) is the Direct Connection Method. Listen Port is the Port or Backdoor you want opened. The Password is the Password you want to set on your Port or Backdoor. The Direct Connection Box is Basically saying yes to Using the Direct Connection Method which I disregard due to the work of finding the Persons IP and having to remember a Password. The Injections are if you want to Inject the Server into a Program or a Process. And the Residing is where you want your sever to be located. The Second Button down from top is the Notifications Button. This Button Tells you all the Ways of getting Keylogging info from your Host and other information. The Third Button from the Top is the Startup Button. As the Name Says. I reconmmend you have them all Checked. The Button Fourth From Top is The Anti-Virus + Firewall Kill Button. This Button Will give you option on what anti Virus and firewalls you want killed or turned off. The Button Fifth From Bottom is Misc. Button. It Gives you Options like An Error Message, Enabling the Keylogger, etc. The Button sixth from the top is the Exe icon. The Icon that the Server will have. Bottom of this Window is the Save and Load which to save the Current Settings of the Server you made. The Load Button is the Button to Load any Previous Saves You Saved before. Save Server Button is to make the Server. The Server Will then appear in the folder or area your Beast 2.07 application is Located. Back to the Original Window you will see may buttons on the Medium Right to Bottom Right. These Buttons are Basically to Do whatever you want to the Computer. See their Screen, interact with the Screen. Make Folders. Destroy, format, it never ends. Now here comes the hard part. I will only explain the SIN port method because using the Host (IP) method is time consuming and wasteful Now lets say you made your server And you use the Reverse Connection method (SIN) and you set your Port to 1234. You now have to get that Server to Whom you want to Troj. Now if the Person you want to Troj is a dumbass and has no anti-virus and or firewall you shouldn't have any problems getting the Server to Them. Now if your Friend is not so dumb and has firewall and or anti-virus you may have to encrypt it and or bind it with another file like a Picture or a Mp3 file. And you once you find a way to get it to whom your Trojing, and they click on it. Just Type the Port you set on your server click the Start Listening Button and Wahla. Your in and ready to go. Start Watching and Controlling their Computer. It may take awhile for the Server to Pop-Up but it will.